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October 20 2014


The way to Bond with your Dog

Dog's Life
Imagine as a newborn in new surroundings, separated out of your mother and siblings. Or being a foster child, moving from family to family and having to understand new places and new people. Anyone can picture the puppy or dog from the shelter feels when introduced to your household. Besides the usual preparations for buying a fresh dog such as providing food, water and a safe environment, you will want to produce a bond along with your new pet.

Dog News
Bonding with an all new dog will not happen overnight, even though some people and dogs manage to hit if off when their eyes meet. You will have to expect you'll invest some time and effort with your new relative, but the rewards from creating a strong bond lasts an eternity.

Below are a few simple tools for establishing a life long bond with your dog:

1) Prior to going to get your dog, pick out a soft, big, warm shirt would you mind stopping. Sleep because shirt for any about a week, and don't wash it. When you're getting your dog, put the shirt in the dog's new bed, or even in his crate. That way he can learn your smell, and draw comfort as a result.

2) Enable your dog remain in your bedroom through the night, however, not necessarily on your bed! He will feel safe in the pet crate or dog bed inside your room.

3) Spend some time with your dog , one-on-one. Now's the right time to start some positive feedback while teaching your dog new behaviors. When you have multiple pet, be sure to spend more time with your pet alone, whether on the romp inside a meadow, or for a stroll across the beach, just the two of you.

4) Introduce your puppy to grooming having a soft brush or brushing glove. Your new pet will like the close contact as well as learn what grooming feels as though. You are able to talk to your dog when you groom him, even sing to him, if you want. Maybe he'll sing with you.

5) Take your new pet to behavior training classes, whether it is a puppy play group, or canine good citizen training. Your dog will love the socialization with other dogs, and also the possiblity to learn something totally new. An extra benefit to taking your dog to class is he'll learn you're both his friend, and the leader.

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